xin dong fang products
The variety is complete Color is rich
Spot assurance, variety, each color has a single series of varieties of 500-1000 meters, up to 50-60 color
New Oriental market price and the price comparison table cloth weave
Market price New Oriental cloth woven Price
Korea velvet 27-35 yuan / m 23 yuan / m
Ice Korea 27-36  yuan/m 23 yuan/m
A high spinning cashmere Binghua 20-26 yuan/m 18 yuan/m
A high imitation velvet Korea 24-26 yuan/m 21 yuan/m
B high imitation velvet Korea 22-25 yuan/m 17 yuan/m
Do not fall down 18 yuan/m 14 yuan/m
Factory direct sale, the price advantage
The same kind of quality, the same product, the lowest 20%
Leading products is the professional team

Supporting the market based home textile bureau of consumer demand, the integration of different high-end positioning of furniture with a cloth, curtain cloth and other domestic and specialty products, each product is given for different consumer groups to design and intimate service quality purposes.

Professional team:

Rooted in the furniture to textiles, furniture fabric with many years experience in the design of professional designers main camp, twice a year the domestic textile and design communication exhibition, the first to grasp the domestic and international fashion trends. Workmanship, build furniture, cloth-class professional brand.

Service Quality:

Systematic training of sales, design consultants and service personnel, full VIP shopping guide professional caring service.

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Zhejiang New Oriental Fabric Co., Ltd. is located in the famous production base in Haining textile fabrics industry, is a design, development, production, sales as one of the modern fabric manufacturing enterprises.
New Oriental Fabric Co., Ltd. existing factory area of 15,000 square meters, with advanced high-speed electronic rapier-30, 300 other types of looms, the annual production capacity of 500 million meters. Products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Korea and other countries and regions, especially popular in Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and other European countries, in the domestic market......
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